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 Day 2: I know what pain is

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Day 2: I know what pain is Empty
PostSubject: Day 2: I know what pain is   Day 2: I know what pain is I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2011 5:15 am

1 Jan 1998 - Desert, Camp Leatherneck

Today me and Hal had to hoof it back to camp from post 39. We had a blowout -- BAM! -- with no spare. Its a ways from base -- a hike. We had to doubletime it. Hal flipped me shit most of the way back cuz Hum-V's don't usually blow out tires with them being bullet proof 'an all. He kept carrying on about how I was the only honkey dumb enough to blow a tire way out here in the shit and he said something about skewering my aunt Jenny or something relating to barbequing. It made me laugh because he seemed so serious.

It was hot today -- hot like everyday in Hell. We left base without much in the way of rations. We don't usually take too much on routine recons. We usually drive the loop and just head back. Today we left later cuz of a sandstorm. Blackhawks ran their sorties later than usual and so we had to wait. Hal said to be careful in the sandstorm cuz I might get lost being white 'an all -- that I'd blend in with the sand.

Me and Hal aren't getting on too good. I miss Weinberg. He was funny.

I sometimes think about the things Weinberg carried up till he got killed by that IED. He humped the usual things: LWH helmet with Marpat cover in desert cammi. Marpat boonie cover, (also desert). BDU's (desert). Coyote Tan 782 Gear/Plate carrier with standard pouches: M4 Mag Pouches and at least 2 Double Pouches, Gas Mask Pouch, Buttpack, Hydration System/2 Canteens. First Aid Pouch, Compass pouch. Tan (hot weather) Infantry Combat Boots (ICBs).

He also used to carry a DMR-M16 with Scope. Sometimes he suck a sidearm even though it was against DOD regs.

I think that's what he carried, anyway, I didn't pay much attention to the details.

All I know is I don't like being the only white guy left in the platoon. The other guys are big and have deep voices.

When I eventually started crying and fell back on the run home, Hal said "You didn't know what pain is" in a real strained voice.

I told Hal that I do know what pain is. Pain is humping all the things I have to carry while wearing new infantry combat boots and a desert cammi flack-jacket in 130 with him yelling at me all the time. Then I hurt his dog.

-PFC Louden Downey
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Posts : 25
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Day 2: I know what pain is Empty
PostSubject: Will the bad days ever end?   Day 2: I know what pain is I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2011 10:14 pm

28 Jan 1998 - Desert, Camp Leatherneck

Dearest Jenny,

How many bad days can there be? Out here in the desert, bad days seem infinite.

Hal and Downey, both good Marines, had another blowout during their recon today. This seems to happen when Downey drives -- it happened a few weeks ago too. They both pulled out the gate this morning and only one came back.

It turns out Downey was subpoenaed to testify against a colonel stateside because somebody ordered a code red on some kid. They sent a pickup private to grab him en route so Hal came back alone.

I pray every day that God grants me the strength to see this thing through.

Damn, I'll miss Downey.


- PFC Jackson Smashmouth
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Day 2: I know what pain is
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